Far too often, a pressure washing business will simply rinse your home with water and charge a ridiculous fee for an underwhelming service performed. Exquisite Xteriors knows this and our clients all agree that we outshine our competitors. We focus on attention to detail and ensure fantastic results. Every job needs consideration of what to protect and what is best to clean with. 

Protecting your investment especially in terms of real estate and commercial properties is a priority for any owner. You can keep your home or business looking its best and gain years of life for your paint, siding, mortar, and decks with our thorough cleaning techniques.

Whole home & exterior soft wash

Getting your home cleaned once a year helps maintain the beauty of your home by getting rid of the dust, mold, mildew, stains and any other elements that can take away the overall appeal and structure of your home. Over time, if not taken care of, mold and mildew can cause irreparable damage to your home that will require more than just a good cleaning to repair it.

Driveway, sidewalk and patio

Curb appeal has different meanings to different people. Whether you’re looking to sell a home or enjoy instant gratification of clean concrete – a clean driveway and sidewalk do not go unnoticed. Maintaining a clean surface will ensure bright concrete for years to come.


As with molding on your home, mold and mildew will speed up rotting on wood surfaces. Also, mold and grime on wood surfaces will be extremely slippery causing a hazard. Keeping your deck surfaces clean not only keeps them beautiful, but safe as well!